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Players Online: 27
Server: On
WoE: Off

Welcome to Tervist Ragnarok Online

 TervistRO - new pre-renewal classic mid rate Ragnarok Online server

It is an international project. On the TervistRO you will find players from around the world.

Team of Tervist Ragnarok Online friendly, active and professional.

Our server staff from Estonia and Russia. We speak in English, Estonian and Russian languages.

We have done everything for you, that you were interested in playing on our server!

Join us now!


Some information about Tervist RO:

  • Launch Date: February 8th, 2014
  • Episode 13.2 - Encounter Against the Unknown
  • Pre-Renewal without 3rd Jobs
  • Max Lvl: 99/70, Max Stats: 99


Weekdays Rates:

  • Exp Rates: Base 25х / Job 25х / Quest х10
  • Drop Rates: Normal 10х / Card 10x
  • MvP Drop Rates: Normal 1.5х / Card 1.5х

Weekends Rates:

  • Exp Rates: Base 30х / Job 30х / Quest х15
  • Drop Rates: Normal 15х / Card 15x
  • MvP Drop Rates: Normal 2х / Card 2x

Other information about Tervist RO:

  • Minimum delay between active skills: 0.2s (5 per second)
  • Emulator: eAmod (based on eAthena)
  • BattleGrounds 2.0 + @joinbg
  • Guild houses system (@gogl)
  • Restock system
  • Colorize nicknames (65)
  • Analogous RCX functions integrated in the game client (@LGP)
  • Protected by Adelays and Gepard Shield
  • Kami-shi palettes pack (~700)
  • Server timezone: Europe/Tallinn, Estonia
  • Stable European hosting in Germany
  • Balanced donate items, No premium accounts
  • Comfortable trading location
  • Tervist - "hello" in Estonian
>> More information about Tervist RO server


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